MeiQ Director Toshiki Tauchi's Column - Part 3
Part 3: Easy to Manage Dual Customization!
Today I'll write about customization.

Customization in MeiQ is very easy to do.
You're just equipping various items (parts, Magic Gems, etc.) after all.
Just tinkering with this equipment offers a huge variety of customization.

Before I talk about the interesting aspects of MeiQ customization,
I'll talk a little about how Guardians are constructed.

Guardians are composed of the following parts:

1. Machina Core
This is the Guardian itself.
Each Core has characteristics unique to that Guardian.
Cores are able to amplify the abilities of each part,
and this multiplier increases as it levels up.

2. Body
The part that forms the body of a Guardian.
A body mainly possesses base parameters, such as HP, attack,
magic attack, defense, magic defense, and speed.
These parameters are then multiplied by the Core, powering it up.
Also, some bodies can possess skills.

3. Arm Parts
Parts that form the Guardian's arms.
Arm parts mainly include attack and magic attack parameters,
as well as offensive type skills.
The base parameters are multiplied by the Core just like the body.

4. Magic Gems
These items can be set directly into a Core.
They have various effects, and are a key part of customization.

To summarize, you're basically equipping a body, arm, and Magic Gems to a Machina Core.

With the introduction out of the way, let's get into the interesting aspects of Guardian customization.

Point of Interest 1
Those with good intuition have probably already guessed this,
but the parameters of Guardians are not set in stone.
The base parameters of all parts can and will change.

Guardians can be specialized into attack, defense, HP, etc.
All you need to do is swap out equipment, so you can customize it right before you fight a boss, depending on what you need.

You can have Guardians specializing in speed for fighting random monsters,
then swap into a large HP pool right before a boss fight.

While equipment changes are common in other RPGs,
it's not just about upgrading a character's stats in this game.

Let's see...
If I were to put this in terms of another fantasy RPG, changing your
equipment in this game is more like entirely changing your class/job.

Point of Interest 2
Guardians are strong, but in actuality, the Elemental Bonus of the
magical girl (Machina Mage in this game) greatly affects them.

The Elemental Bonus increases all parameters of the Guardian.
A larger value will thus make the Guardian even stronger.

The Elemental Bonus is greatly affected by customizing the Machina Mage.
The base Elemental Bonus is determined by their current Form.
Equipping Seeds and Magic Gems to the Machina Mage will then greatly change these values.
Think about the Guardian's element when equipping Seeds and Magic Gems.

That's the unique dual customization system in this game.

Point of Interest 3
You're free to customize skills, too!
In this game, equipment parts and Magic Gems have skills.
When you equip parts or Gems, the Guardian will gain those skills.

That's right. Since you can equip any parts and Gems to any Guardian,
you can also use any skills you want on your favorite Guardians.

I'll introduce some of these fun skills here.

Ruling Right Arm
This ability allows you to use every skill on the Right Arm part in 1 turn.
Some arm parts have 2 or even 3 skills on them.
This allows you to use all of them. At the same time.
It's a very powerful skill.

Triple Attack
This ability allows you to attack with the selected skill 3 times.
In other words, you can use a powerful skill 3 times in a row.
This is also a very powerful ability.

Double Dimension
This ability allows you to attack with the left and right arm skills.
This is especially effective when you have powerful skills on both arms.
Equip an appropriate left and right arm, use this skill,
and watch as two powerful skills go off at once.

Combining the proper skills to match the Guardian is one
of the key points to customization in this game.

Point of Interest 4
There are still so many points, but I'd go on forever, so this is the last one.
Setting up your battle members is fun!

This game allows you to freely select your battle members.

As you progress the game, you will gain more Machina Mages and Guardians,
and you can choose your battle members from among them all.

Each Guardian has a particular element, and each Mage has an element
that they specialize in, as well as different spells (Machina Magic).
It's fun to spend the whole game using the same battle members,
but you can also try mixing things up and using different members.
This can change the way you fight, and make things even more fun.

There are plenty more fun aspects in MeiQ, far too many to write about.
Please play the game and find out for yourself!