MeiQ Director Toshiki Tauchi's Column - Part 2
Part 2: This is a Guardian Battle!
Today I'll be writing about the battle system.

What is the greatest feature of battles in MeiQ?
That's definitely the dual battles with magical girls (called Machina Mages in this game)
and robots (called Guardians in this game).

A magical girl and a robot form a pair, and up to 3 pairs can fight in battle.

I'll explain the main points of this dual battle system.
Each turn, either the Machina Mage or the Guardian can act.
(The combat in this game is turn-based.)

It's fairly similar to the tanks and humans in Metal Max.
In fact, some people may be thinking this already, if they're familiar with that series.

Yes, they are similar.
However, the similarities are only superficial. Guardian battles are different.

If this was a fantasy RPG, the Guardians would be warriors.
They have high HP and fight using powerful offensive skills.

(You may be thinking, that's the same as the tanks in Metal Max!)

Yes, you're right, but please let me finish.
This is where the differences start.

If this was a fantasy RPG, the magical girls would be mages.
They use various spells (Machina Magic in this game) to do virtually anything.
They can attack, heal, and cast support spells. They're basically super mages who can do anything.

Now, what would happen if fantasy RPG mages suddenly appeared in
the world of Metal Max, and fought the monsters with you?

Just imagine it.

A mage casts an attack power up spell on a tank, then proceeds to open fire!
A mage casts repair magic on a broken down tank, and it's suddenly in top fighting shape!

It's scenes like this that make Guardian battles.

Of course, the magic in this world is different from the magic in common fantasy RPG worlds.
It's not just the normal stuff like attack power buffs and healing magic.

There are some insane spells that might make you think "That's just outright unbalanced!"
Here's an introduction to some of them.

Critical Charge
This magic charges up critical hits. After casting this on a Guardian,
all of their attacks on the next turn will be critical hits, allowing them to deal massive damage to the enemy.
That's right, they can open fire with everything, and it will all be critical.
You can't really do that in the world of Metal Max. (Not saying it's totally impossible.)
All of this is possible with just one spell.

Double Revenge
Multiplies all damage dealt by the Guardian on their next turn.
Again, you can open fire with everything, and it's all multiplied.
Again, you can't do that in battle in Metal Max. (Unless you mod the game.)
That's all with just one spell.
Time of Gods
Multiplies all of the Guardian's parameters for several turns.
Guardians are already strong, but they get even stronger.
You can then open fire with hyper-boosted attack power.
This is definitely not something possible in Metal Max. (Unless you mod the game.)
And again, that's all with just one spell.

It's still too soon to be surprised, though. (Wait, you aren't surprised yet?)
You can stack all of the spells that I just introduced.
In other words...
You hit with multiplied attack power, every attack hits critically, and this damage is then further multiplied.

You can't even imagine how much damage this would do!
A normal boss would be reduced to ashes instantly.
(The bosses in MeiQ aren't weaklings, and they are all balanced around mechanics like this.)

This defines the dual battles in MeiQ.

This is a true Guardian battle!

Machina Mages and Guardians work together to face powerful enemies.
This combined play brings new fun that you won't find in other games.

That reminds me, there's also the "Deadly Combo" system
where Guardians work together, as well.
When a Deadly Combo activates, multiple Guardians will attack at once.
All damage dealt will also be multiplied.
Combined with the spells from the girls, just thinking about the damage makes my head spin.

Haah, haah.
I'm out of breath, so I think I'll end it here.

Please experience the thrilling battles of MeiQ for yourself!