-- A terrifying chase is about to begin --

Fearsome guardians called "Nightmares" seek to eliminate intruders from their domain. They make their rounds inside the dungeon in real time, making it impossible to tell if one is closing in...

Nightmares are shrouded in darkness stretching out over a distance. Those who are swallowed up by it lose sight of where the Nightmare is lurking.

Will you run for your lives? Or will you face it head on? The choice is yours!

-- Paint the dungeon pink with Marchen blood! --

Aside from the terror of Nightmares, terrifying creatures called "Marchens" also exist.

If you attack the Nightmares' or Marchens' "weak points," or if you defeat them using "Overkill," blood may splatter onto the surrounding area!

The Marchens' blood will paint the dungeon pink, making it possible to see even when shrouded in the Nightmare's darkness!

-- Think fast, and make split-second decisions
to make it out alive! --

A battle may commence if a Marchen appears while you're being chased by a Nightmare.

The Nightmare will close in, even as you're battling. Overcome your fears and utilize the right strategy to defeat the Marchens as quickly as possible!