Go on a whimsical beach date with the Blood Maiden of your dreams!

Can Jack the Blood Youth handle the scorching heat of his first-ever summer?
Not even the intense sun can stop the spring in Jack's step!

...That's right! He's got a beach date planned with his "girlfriend"!

Basking in the sunlit glow, Jack and his new partner will kick off their new relationship beside the shore!
Witness this exciting, never-before-seen spin-off featuring hilarious and
heartfelt dates between Jack and the Blood Maidens of Mary Skelter Finale!

With this one date, things can go from salty to spicy!
Go all the way in this thrilling conclusion for Mary Skelter Finale!


ジャック cv.酒井広大

The protagonist of this game.
His romantic knowledge needs some work, but his heart is in the right place. But this every-man's got quite the task on his hands. The girl he's dating is unique in every sense of the word, making it hard to keep up. Only someone with an immense Blood Libido could handle such a challenge. They say you can't judge a book by its cover... This is an atypical adventure, where each character will only be seen in their swimsuit designs.

Although Jack may come off as a Casanova with the option to date several women, he only has room in his heart for one woman.

アリス cv.上坂すみれ

Jack's childhood friend, whose friendship has never passed the threshold into dating until now. She is the same calm, cool, and collected Alice as before, but something about their budding relationship has softened her.
Although she's excited for their date, she is hoping her physical insecurities don't rear their head.
Roll out the beach towel and watch their love unfurl!

赤ずきん cv.大久保瑠美

A kind-hearted but blunt heroine. She often acts before she thinks, especially with Jack. After some twists and turns, they discovered their shared feelings for one another. She may seem a little rough around the edges, but something about Jack brings out her sweeter side.

親指姫 cv.高橋李依

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty's eldest sister. She is a confident role model with more personality packed into her than her small appearance suggests. The problem is...she's afraid of showing this side of herself to Jack. As usual, she's more "tsun-" than "-dere."

白雪姫 cv.高野麻里佳

The middle child between Thumbelina and Sleeping Beauty.
Her appetite's been so voracious that she can't help but get seconds of everything! She has all the time in the world to lounge on the beach...only if she can bring herself to feel comfortable enough to relax.

眠り姫 cv.長久友紀

Thumbelina and Snow White's youngest sister.
Her sleepiness has changed into more of a serene outlook on life, especially with thoughts of Jack floating around her head. But during their beach date, that might not be the only thing floating around...

かぐや姫 cv.五十嵐裕美

A Blood Maiden that moves to the beat of her own drum.
Not even a relationship could sway her. He passionately insists on inviting her to a scenic outdoor date, which Kaguya accepts out of pity. But Jack may have bitten off more than he can chew with his proposal. Play the route and see how far things go...

シンデレラ cv.今井麻美

An apron-wearing Blood Maiden who has yet to overcome her inferiority complex. Thankfully, dating Jack seems to ease her worries. Their beach date is almost derailed by unforeseen circumstances, souring her attitude! If neither her pleading eyes nor her charm will work, then she'll have to find SOME way to get his attention!

グレーテル cv.種﨑敦美

Two parts curious and one part mad scientist, she is Jack's intellectual match. But today, she can't wait to flaunt her new swimsuit! Gretel spots Jack's heart racing, and says...
"Strange. No doubt we've seen and been near each other in more suggestive places, yet this arouses you."

ラプンツェル cv.小澤亜李

This happy-go-lucky Blood Maiden hasn't missed a beat! Life on the surface has given her time to devote to studying and refinement. The sky is the limit for her! But her new self-awareness has also made her conscious of how Jack perceives her. Has she progressed enough for Jack?

ハーメルン cv.河野ひより

A Blood Maiden whose bite lives up to her bark.
She can do no wrong...or so she thinks. While she still slurs when excited, no one's perfect. At Gretel's behest, she displays boldness with a brand-new bikini. But every sudden moment spells disaster. Typical Hameln, nothing can phase her. Go big, or go home.

シラ cv.田村奈央

A cheeky girl who's friends with Rapunzel.
While she can be petulant and judgmental, Rapunzel is always there to keep her in check. The meaning of love still eludes her.

つう cv.阿部里果

A "prince" who calls herself Jack's brother.
Otsuu has been betrothed to Little Mermaid for a long time. All that's left for this old pair is to tie the knot. Every swan has its day, and the day has finally come. Explore their route to see their story draw to its conclusion.

人魚姫 cv.洲崎綾

Otsuu's beloved princess.
She is warm-hearted and easygoing, yet attuned with what occurs around her.

くらら cv.中島唯

A bright mechanic who can't wait to spend her free time with her mentor, Haru.

千昭 cv.土岐 隼一

A young man dressed in thick attire, despite the grueling summer heat. He has been patiently recording each person's account of what transpired underground. Now, he just needs the title of his book...


Play this exciting "beach getaway" visual novel!
All characters are fully voiced in Japanese and have their own special event scenes.
All of the romance that couldn't fit into the main game is now available to play!

Make the right decisions to unlock each perfect ending!
Fulfilling certain criteria unlocks new Event scenes.
Will you win the heart of your favorite Blood Maiden?!