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Is Mary Skelter Finale your first entry to the series? Fear not!
Unique to Finale is the inclusion of the BEFORE STORY summary logs,
which allows players to view events from both Mary Skelter: Nightmares
and Mary Skelter 2. Witness the story from its horrific origins to its thrilling conclusion!

Select BEFORE STORY in the main title screen to access this feature.
One of two selections can be made to view the available content: STORY and BONUS.

In the STORY section, players can view events from both the main or sub-events.

For fans of the Mary Skelter series, all of your favorite scenes from the past games are available to replay!
*The events viewable in BEFORE STORY will not contain voice over.
In the BONUS section, players can view movies and event CGs in the GALLERY,
listen to the soundtrack in MUSIC, and view character profiles in CHARACTER.