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When the Jail becomes unstable, there is a chance a Nightmare will appear out of nowhere. It could appear next to you, behind you, or even while you have your menu open! This unexpected ambush is called Murder Hunt.

Be aware that the horrific guardians of the various prison areas, the Nightmares, will be prowling the area! Remember, Nightmares all carry with them a shroud of white haze, so the moment you see a hazy white mist, be careful as it signifies that a Nightmare is close by.


The Nightmare will find you the moment you enter its hazy white mist. Once found, the real-time Murder Hunt chase will begin!

Nightmares are invincible. No matter how many times you defeat it, it will rise again to continue their chase. The only way to escape is to navigate out of its white haze.
But the white haze reduces visibility, making it difficult to run. If you have a hard time seeing the area, splatter the place with enemy blood to gain better visibility of the area!