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The battle party is comprised of Otsuu and Jack, and 5 other members. Turn order is based on the speed of characters and enemies. Using attacks that strike at enemy weaknesses, and doing Overkill finishes will draw enemy blood that can splatter on to the area and characters. This blood will become key to winning battles!

The blood splattered on the characters can be "licked" off of them to activate special Blood Skills, but one can choose to let the blood splatter accumulate to activate the furious power of Massacre mode and Blood Skelter mode.


Massacre Mode

The continued splatter of enemy blood will increase the character's Blood icon. When the character's turn comes and the icon is filled, the character will enter Massacre mode!

In Massacre mode, the girl's form and speech change. Latent powers are awakened, and their stats all take a boost!
They also gain access to powerful Massacre skills!

Blood Skelter Mode

During battle, the Blood Maidens may lose mental stability. Corruption is accumulated upon receiving massive damage, when someone is KO'd, and more.
If a Blood Maiden's Corruption gauge is filled and she continues to be exposed to blood, she will enter a deeper state of madness called Blood Skelter mode.
Once in this state, the player will lose control of the Blood Maiden. The Blood Maiden will start attacking everyone, enemies and allies. Whether you see their transformation as a benefit or a bane is up to you! In order to bring them out of their Blood Skelter state, you will need to use Nightmare Jack's special Purge command.