つう人魚姫ナイトメア・ジャックハーメルングレーテルラプンツェルかぐや姫親指姫白雪姫眠り姫シンデレラ赤ずきんアリススナーク?マモルヒカリイツキカエデタクミミチルヘンゼルNEWくららNEW十島博士NEWハルNEW上島 視子NEW門脇 永遠
恩を返さない純情可憐な鶴の王子様「つう」 CV:阿部里果

The protagonist who is also a Blood Maiden associated with Dawn. She made a vow of matrimony with Little Mermaid in their youth, and carries herself in a princely manner so she can become "Little Mermaid's true prince."

At times, her timidity peeks from under her front, but she's straightforward and trustworthy at heart and will fight for her friends. She has a Blood Libido of wanting to return favors, which she is trying to hold back. Because of this, she is often heard using the word "owe," just so that she doesn't need to return favors.

Otsuu is the only one who seems to be able to understand Nightmare Jack.

ジェノサイダーモード ブラックスケルターモード