5/9/2017   All characters are now live to greet you on the Character page!

5/2/2017   A bunch of new characters have been added to the Character page!
                   And a message from the Executive Producer!

4/25/2017 A whopping five more characters have been added to the Character page! Take a look!

4/18/2017 Meet a former ronin on the Character page who prefers guns over swords!
                   Also, Preorder has begun!

4/11/2017 We have a young fella by the name of Kazue Souma for you to meet on the Character
                   page! Also, more screenshots are here!

4/4/2017   Introducing the first of a series of new characters, Hachiro Iba!

3/28/2017 Proud warrior Susumu Yamazaki awaits your acquaintance on the Characters page!
                   Also, more screenshots are here!

3/21/2017 Meet Colonel Sanan and his cold gaze on the Characters page!

3/14/2017 A swordsman by the name of Shinpachi Nagakura is pleased to make your
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3/7/2017   Have you said "hi" to mysterious Chikage Kazama yet?
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2/21/2017 We have more characters here we would like you to meet!

2/14/2017 We are pleased to make your acquaintance with Hajime Saito on the Characters page!
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2/7/2017   Another character has been unveiled under the Characters page!

1/31/2017 Have you met Toshizo Hijikata yet? You will find him under the Characters page!

1/24/2017 HAKUOKI: KYOTO WINDS Official website launched!