Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle

Number of Player(s): 1 / Genre: RPG

If a young man’s worldly desires involuntarily swirl around in his mind like a tornado, who can blame him for getting stressed out? Due to the unending torrent of desires his mind constantly thinks up, this young man has developed a fear of speaking with girls, thinking they would call him a weirdo. To complicate his situation further, he has begun to harbor unfamiliar emotions toward a Monster Girl who he has known since childhood.

-As he struggles to deal with his internal desires, the external world is about to undergo a major change of its own-

All over the world, extraordinary natural phenomena have been occurring. Monster Girls have begun to recognize humans as their enemies. These seemingly independent events may mix together like a tornado to become the greatest crisis mankind has ever faced.

Rumors begin to spread about a “Legendary Monster Girl” who is attempting to eradicate all humans…

The chief of the young man’s village orders him to learn the truth behind this rumor. And so, the young man begins his journey through a world ravaged by monsters with his childhood friend, the Monster Girl, by his side.

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Title Name: Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle
Release Date: 5/15/2014
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