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Allow me to handle this, please. I will sing, to save everyone...


A Muse that the group meets while pursuing Dorfa. She's said to be able to imbue her songs with power and grant special skills to herself and those around her, such as the ability to heal wounds or even brainwash others. She can be a bit strange at times, and her understanding of the world is very limited. She loves Al as though he were her father.

I mean, at a time like this, who would trust some random strangers that showed up out of nowhere?


Fleur's partner. Being somewhat of a scientist himself, he and Harley get along very well. He is knowledgeable, caring, and easygoing, but he tends to lose himself in his work when he gets interested in something and has a bad habit of running off. He wears a singular goggle on his right eye due to his very poor vision.