Spin the roulette and advance through spaces!
There are different types of spaces you can land on, so try to land on the spaces that are most helpful to you!

Gear up with various weapons and armors! Get stronger to battle monsters and save villages! A true RPG adventure awaits you!

If you land on the same space as another player, it's time to duel!
If you defeat another player in combat, you can take their items, money, and other possessions!

Use the online feature to play with your friends! Create a room and gather everyone for a game!

Convenient Auto-Save Function

Auto-save will save your progress automatically every week! Play to your hearts content!

Reassemble after a disconnect

If anyone in your party disconnects from a match, all remaining players will automatically be regrouped into a new lobby for all participants!

Swap to COM

If you're ever in a situation where you have to leave, but the others wish to remain, you can tap out and pass the controls to a COM to finish your game for you! Once you exit, the COM will automatically play as you.

You can master your current job or swap to a new one! As you increase the mastery of your current job, you will gain the opportunity to swap to a more advanced one! Every job has their own salary bonus, so if the opportunity arises, be sure to change jobs!

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