Rinne Utopia Arusu Install NEW Rio Reincarnation

The second game, released on the PlayStation®3.
Appearing as an exclusive character is "Maria Arusu,"
who asks Shido the meaning of love from the digital
world. New as well to the series is a mysterious girl
who resembles Maria, and who seems to know more
than she lets on.

One autumn day, after the Tennou Festival had
safely concluded. Shido, who had been testing
a newly-developed VR game by Ratatoskr,
discovers he is unable to escape from
the digital realm.
Then, an unusual girl appears ─Arusu.
She asks him to teach her what love is.
Another mysterious girl appears before
Shido as well, a dark Arusu. Shido aims
to escape, all while being toyed with by
the two Arusu.

A place where everything changes freely...
─The digital world.