"DATE A LIVE" Series

Based off of a popular light novel series from Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, which accomplished three anime adaptations, "DATE A LIVE," "DATE A LIVE II", and the anime movie "Gekijoban DATE A LIVE: Mayuri Judgement," with a cumulative total of over 4 million copies sold.

A Boy-Meets-Girl story for a new generation, created in collaboration by Koushi Tachibana and Tsunako!

■ Introduction
Thirty years have passed since large disasters called spacequakes began to occur,
which were caused by the appearance of mysterious entities known as Spirits.

Shido Itsuka, an otherwise unremarkable young man, encounters a Spirit with a grudge against humanity. Shido is later told by his younger sister, Kotori, that he alone possesses the ability to seal the power of a Spirit.

Shockingly, however, that ability is "date the Spirit, and make them fall in love"...?!

In order to protect the world, and to save the Spirits, Shido is determined to do whatever he can.
No matter the obstacle, he is ready to face the Spirits head-on!