Find the Traitor!

◆Interview System

There is an issue where the adverse side effect of the TCS, a Split Personality, and the violent personality change associated with Chimerization closely resemble each other. In the event that there is a Chimera Reserve Member hiding among Special Force Valkyrie, it would be difficult to distinguish whether they're Chimerized, and would place the Force in a dangerous situation. Because of this, the player must regularly conduct Interviews on the force members, and find the signs of Chimerization.

Among the signs of Chimerization, the most easily spotted is the propensity to lie. As such, the purpose of the Interview System is for the player to Interview each member one-on-one, and reveal those lies.

Expose the Contradictions in Testimonies


In the Interview System, you will ask the interviewee about their other force members, and collect information. The basic purpose is to organize the information gathered from the force members' responses, and expose any contradictions that lie within those testimonies.

There is a limited number of times you can ask questions during the entire interview process, but it is up to you who you ask questions and how many times. Assuming you can ask 5 questions, you may ask each member one question, or you may ask on person 5 questions. There is more than one method to expose the traitor.

There is no need to necessarily decide if anyone within the force is a Chimera Reserve Member, and if there are no contradictions within the testimonies, it is possible to report that there is no suspect. Collect information with deduction and intuition, and expose the person who is lying.

You can choose freely what order you will interview each person.

During the interview, you can ask about other force members. There is a limit to the number of questions you can ask, so it is important to choose carefully.

The testimonies spoken by each member during their Interviews will be organized in a list by each corresponding member. By referring to this list, you will look for who's testimony is contradictory, and the testimonies that prove this.

After the interviews have ended, you will report on who is showing signs of Chimerization. Depending on the contents of the report, Asahi will be given an evaluation. The higher the evaluation, the higher the reward.

A Trustworthy Investigator

◆Investigation Requests

The player can request Kana Hazuki in advance to investigate various force members. It is possible to investigate up to 3 people simultaneously, and it is possible to receive investigation reports before the interviews start. Depending on the situation, there are times when the investigations will fail, but Kana herself will never lie, so if the investigations succeed, the information gained is extremely valuable.

In addition, it is possible to increase Kana Hazuki's abilities by using Medals obtained through successful missions as Special Force Valkyrie. You can increase the max number of people you can investigate, as well as raise the success rate of investigations. Since the amount of information you can obtain increases, it will make it easier to find contradictory testimonies.

As a reserve member for Special Force Valkyrie, Kana does not battle with the Chimera, and therefore has the lowest probability of contracting the virus. Because of this, she is the most reliable investigator for Interviews.

You are free to decide who to investigate. There is a limit to how many people you can investigate, and as it uses up expenses, there is a need to carefully decide who to investigate.

It is possible to increase the investigation abilities of Kana Hazuki. You can increase the number of people you can investigate, or the probability of success.