Anti-Chimera Weapons That Erode the Mind

◆TCS (Tactical Combat System), Codename "Valkyrie"

The TCS is an Anti-Chimera tactical weapon that has been given the codename "Valkyrie". Asahi Shiramine and the members of Special Force Valkyrie use the TCS in order to battle Chimeras.

The Valkyries are weapons designed to utilize its maximum output within areas where weapon usage is limited, such as urban areas and within facilities. In addition, in order to combat various types of Chimera, it can cover not only close combat, but mid and long range battles, and each armament part can be exchanged. During battles with Chimera, it is possible for it to transform into the most suitable form and attack.

Strengthen the Valkyries and Challenge the Enemy!


The TCS can not only be used as a close-range weapon, but has the option of equipping ranged weapons called Armament Parts.

These Armament Parts include Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Gatling Gun, Sniper Rifle, Missile Launcher, and Shield. With Development, its possible to create more powerful versions of each armament parts. There are some Armament Parts which are stored within the TCS, and they change shape according to the attack method.

Create Your Own Ultimate Weapon


Aside from Armament Parts you can equip on the TCS, there are also Remodeling Parts. It is possible to create these parts with Development. Items obtained by successfully completing Chimera extermination missions can be used as materials to develop parts.

Collect the necessary materials, develop even stronger parts, and strengthen your TCS.

Overwhelm Enemies With Your Tactics!


By exchanging Armament Parts, you can unleash attacks that combine the various characteristics of different parts, such as a part's gun or missile attributes, and a mixture of long and short range attacks. In addition, if you exchange your Remodeling Parts, you can induce various effects, such as increasing attack power and drawing out the various traits of Armament Parts.

Find the most effective strategies against the Chimera's various characteristics, and engage them tactically.

Strike Down Enemies At Full Power!


There exists an "Overdrive" mode in the TCS, and if activated you can use the TCS in its full power state. In order for the user to endure the output, an overdose of the augmenting agent is administered, which powers the body up. However, in exchange for gaining immense power, the stress on the body is magnified several times over, so use of Overdrive is limited.