Who is the Traitor?

◆Interview System

The anti-Chimera weapon, TCS, places an extreme burden on those who use it. The personality change exhibited from someone who's being burdened by the TCS is extremely similar to the irregularities in personality caused by Chimerization. This is the greatest problem for users of the system. In the event one of the members of Valkyrie Force begins exhibiting symptoms, it would be difficult to determine whether or not they've Chimerized; this would put the force in a dangerous situation. Because of this issue, each member of the force needs to be regularly interviewed in order to spot early signs of possible Chimerization.

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Tactical Command Battle

◆Battle System

Turn order utilizes the Tactical Wait Battle System, where turn order fluctuates in real time. With the constantly changing turn order, battles will constantly have allies and enemies interchanging. By taking advantage of commands such as Combo, Charge, or Arts, you can tactfully engage battles. Stand up against powerful enemies by making the best use of the anti-Chimera weapons, the TCS.

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Anti-Chimera Weapons That Erode the Mind

◆TCS - Codename: "Valkyrie"

The TCS is an Anti-Chimera tactical weapon that has been given the codename "Valkyrie." Asahi Shiramine and the members of Special Force Valkyrie use the TCS in order to battle Chimera. The TCS becomes usable by connecting one who's been authenticated by the system to the main body by a plug. At this time, by administering an augmenting agent and strengthening the body, one is able to wield the mass of steel that is the TCS as if it were a regular weapon. However, the physical burden on the body from the dosage is very large, so prolonged use is prohibited. Currently, if anyone besides those certified try to use it, they would reject the system and the augmenting agent, and there is a risk of their body and minds collapsing, with the worst case being death of the user.

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Night Makes Chimera More Ferocious

◆Night and Day Concept

The Chimera Virus has the characteristic of inactivating when hit with sunlight. Chimera activity is suppressed during the daytime because of this, but when it becomes night, the virus activates and becomes more violent. There are also reports of their bodies increasing in size, and the other effects of the virus' activation at night are remarkable. In addition, there are reports of Chimera that are not just affected by the time of day, but the phase of the moon, so it is necessary to be cautious during certain phases.