The Shin Yamato Empire has a history of seclusion that can be traced back to the Chimera Virus pandemic.
With a lack of import of culture from overseas, the Shin Yamato Empire has developed its own unique culture.
The capital of Shin Yamato is divided into three districts, which radiate outward from the central Bureaucratic District that holds the major government facilities:
the Citizen's 1st District, the Citizen's 2nd District, and the Old District. Even while remaining isolated, in order to better counter the Chimera, it still has
international ties, and the Bureaucratic and First District both work to bring in some culture from overseas.

The Capital

The capital of the Shin Yamato Empire.
A city where major government facilities are concentrated.
In its outskirts lies the National Chimera Defense's HQ at Inchinomiya Base, which is home to the covert military agency ACID.

Fujimino Air Force Base

A base used by the Air Force.
Over half of the site is occupied by airports for landing fighter jets and the like.

Hinuma Power Plant

A power plant that supplies a part of the capital's electricity.
Because electricity is a lifeline, when Chimera appear, the covert military agency ACID is prioritized to recieve a deployment request.

Ise Manufacturing Plant

A manufacturing plant owned by the country's leading corporate giant, which deals in ships and space exploration equipment.

Covert Military Agency ACID

After the pandemic caused by the Chimera Virus, the government established ACID, a specialized agency created to counter Chimera.
The force Asahi Shiramine belongs to, Special Force Valkyrie, is just one of the many forces operating within ACID.
In addition to dealing with Chimera outbreaks, it also sets up virus countermeasures for civilians, develops anti-Chimera weaponry, and conducts Chimera ecology research.

There are various facilities at ACID, and each member of Valkyrie Force has their private room within the dormitory.
There are facilities such as the Command Room and the Development Room used to combat Chimera, as well as facilities such as the Treatment Room and the Game Room to care for the physical and mental health of members of the force.

Men have a much higher rate of being infected with the Chimera Virus, which increases along with age. The worldwide population of men have declined, and for this reason, the majority of the force memebers who battle Chimera are young women. That said, there are still male force members, including Asahi Shiramine, and they sometimes operate on the front lines.

Covert Military Agency ACID - Command Room