A mysterious virus discovered from the meteorite called the Black Garnet--
In exchange for giving those infected intelligence and power far surpassing humans,
it eats away at their mind at body, and recreates them into inhuman creatures... Chimera.

Dubbed the Chimera Virus, this virus causes a worldwide pandemic, and the world loses 3% of its total population.

In order to combat this imminent threat, the covert military agency ACID (Anti-Chimera Interception Divison)
creates Special Force Valkyrie.

Asahi Shiramine was chosen and appointed as the captain of this newly created unit.

On his way to the base, Asahi, unarmed, runs into a Chimera. Force members rushed to the scene and helped him repel
the enemy threat. As a result, this sudden battle proved both this force's usefulness, as well as Asahi's abilities.

Asahi and the other force members grow excited over their victory.
However, they had no way of knowing what harsh fate awaited them...