A world that exists in a dimension separate from our own,
where the Four Goddesses protect and rule over their respective nations.

The Goddesses Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert, who have saved the world
from danger countless times, were selected to be beta testers for
the new version of a certain online game...

[4 Goddesses Online]

It is a super-popular title that utilizes Gamindustri's Goddesses as official models.

The stage of the story is set within a fantasy world,
surrounded by verdant and gorgeous ocean, known as Alsgard.

Logging into the game world,
the four CPUs meet with the Guardian Spirit, the guide to all adventurers, Bouquet.
They discover that they are the Chosen Ones tasked with the mission of reviving the Goddesses of legend,
and that Alsgard is under the looming threat of the villainous Demon King.

In order to create new friendships...
In order to meet their virtual selves...
In order to save the world from destruction...
And... in order to finally get a younger sister...