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I sensed the world in crisis!!
Nickname: Nep-Nep
Post Date/Time: 11/30 11:16:54

That's why I took the controller in my hand.
I must save this world

2: It_Will_Take_3_Days
11/30 12:05:22
I've identified you. How is the progress of your work?
3: Nep-Nep
11/30 14:00:29
 Huh?! I think you have the wrong person!
4: Snow White
11/30 18:58:44
A lot of big titles have been released, but Lowee's Pocket
Monstrosities Star/Moon is the best
5: Nowako
11/30 20:12:31
Clearly it's time for VR to shine
6: Nep-Nep
11/30 22:47:05
Oogh. I wanted to get through my backlog of games before the new 4 Goddesses Online Beta started, but I got found by my um... family?
7: †Green_Heart†
12/1 03:57:00
Oh my, I have just recently finished Masked Tensei 5 and Final Story XV.
8: Snow White
12/1 08:21:33
Those are both long RPGs that have just been released...
This person's totally a basement dweller
9: Nep-Nep
12/1 10:01:12
Ah man, that's so awesome.
Alright, I'm gonna play games today too!
10: It_Will_Take_3_Days
12/1 10:03:07
I will come by your room later.
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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