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New functions you would like added to the new 4GO!
Nickname: †Green_Heart†
Post Date/Time: 11/19 04:49:57

As the beta testing is nearing, let us post what we would like implemented in the new version!

2: Mouse
11/19 06:11:04
A casino chu
3: Uzume
11/20 00:59:16
Wouldn't that completely kill the player immersion?
4: †Green_Heart†
11/20 03:48:49
I personally would like them to introduce a Sister System
There was a Marriage System last time, but I would wish to become sisters with someone who I want a more light-hearted and friendly relationship with
5: ★Princess★
11/20 12:11:42
I would like them to change the Marriage System to accomodate up to 15 spouses nya! Princess is just so well loved, I can't choose one person nya~
6: M82
11/20 00:59:16
If you're worried about player immersion, then they probably won't use very many mecha-type guns, huh? I'd like it if they had equipment that was a little more steampunk
7: Sis' Younger Sister
11/20 14:10:38
I think it'd be great if they had a giant robot monster! I know this game is more fantasy-oriented, but maybe the robot could be the remnants of an advanced ancient civilization... what do you think?
8: Nep-Nep
11/20 20:57:51
Hold the phone, folks. What about pudding as a recovery item?
9: Snow White
11/21 00:24:13
Do you think the devs might be looking for a talented, up-and-coming author to write an online novel using 4GO as a motif??? DM me if you have any info on this.
10: Nowako
11/21 10:02:12
I'd like it if they would increase the amount of dark-colored equipment a little
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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