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Anyone without Early Access privilege, chu?
Nickname: Mouse
Post Date/Time: 11/17 00:01:12

There's no way, right chu?

2: Nep-Nep
11/17 00:05:27
I got an invitation! Woohooo!!(>▽<)
3: Shurain
11/17 02:41:03
I was given one as it was work related, but I'm quite busy. I sent it back.
4: mina
11/17 09:44:58
It seems many people at my work place are planning to play... I would like to play with them, but if I wait a little longer, I'd be able to play with everyone eventually, right???
5: Older_Sister_LOVE
11/17 10:11:10
I don't know who you are, but if you don't need it, give it to me! I was planning to play with my dear older sister... orz
6: It_Will_Take_3_Days
11/17 16:42:15
I am quite worried that the people around me will not return to reality ><;
7: Linda
11/17 18:01:17
They either recruit testers or prioritize high rankers, I guess~~~~~
11/17 20:29:22
I was given an invitation by a friend, but it seems it would be too difficult for me. I do not possess enough fins to use the controls effectively.
9: Chronicle
11/18 10:11:10
I'm gonna head out to a different place for a while, so lemme know if anythin interesting happens
10: Rei
11/18 07:30:31
U-Umm... do you think it will work on my console...?
It's a G.C. 1987 model, but...
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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