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I don't get people who mix up their egg before putting it on rice
Nickname: Uzume
Post Date/Time: 11/14 11:25:10

You'll just have more to wash in the end!

2: †Green_Heart†
11/14 11:25:23
The slimy egg white does not appetize me in the slightest...
3: Uzume
11/14 15:14:57
You could just take it out
4: Nep-Nep
11/14 17:01:24
What, but that's such a waste
5: Uzume
11/14 17:31:38
Just separate it and use it in some other dish!
6: Nowako
11/15 02:14:00
Putting it in directly looks prettier, doesn't it
7: Uzume
11/15 11:03:59
Yeah!!! An ally!! Mixing beforehand is the way of the Wicked Believers!
8: Snow White
11/15 12:30:51
Everyone has their own preference. Does this really matter?
9: Uzume
11/15 15:49:09
Right. Uh, sorry
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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