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What did you eat for lunch?
Nickname: Nowako
Post Date/Time: 1/29 13:11:24

I thought about getting curry udon, but it's a bit cold so I ended up going with miso udon

2: Snow White
1/29 14:54:22
What? Those are both hot foods.
3: Nep-Nep
1/29 15:05:27
I had the super special Planeptower Flapjacks with a ton of pudding and fruit on top! I was actually lining up for some omurice, but I was in line for so long by the time I reached the counter it was snacktime, so... yeah!
4: Snow White
1/29 15:30:18
Why can't you just call them pancakes like a normal person...
5: Nowako
1/29 16:49:20
Couldn't you have just made pancakes at home without having to wait in line? The benefit there would be that you could stack up as many as you want
6: Snow White
1/29 21:17:02
Who cares about stacking? Shouldn't you be more concerned with how a pancake made by CPU Flapjack over here might taste?
7: †Green_Heart†
1/29 21:18:09
I am desperately trying to defend my fort. I have no time for such a trivial thing as lunch... or pancakes.
8: Snow White
1/29 21:20:34
Uh, right. My mistake.
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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