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Current 4 Goddess Online General Discussion
Nickname: †Green_Heart†
Post Date/Time:11/11 00:41:21

The testing of the new version will begin soon, but let us discuss the current 4 Goddesses Online here ♪

2: Nep-Nep
11/11 12:02:04
I've been busy with another game recently and I haven't logged in at all~
3: Nowako
11/11 12:18:52
I'm stuck right after I've defeated Bahamut...
I want to go to a new dungeon, but a first run makes me anxious.
4: Snow White
11/11 12:32:14
Yeah, you end up feeling bad for the others when you mess up...
5: †Green_Heart†
11/11 12:32:47
You are letting it bother you far too much.
Many have an image of online gaming being a tense atmosphere, but in actuality there are many who are kind towards beginners.
6: Nowako
11/11 13:44:43
Then maybe I'll try logging in again.
But classes who run vanguard have a serious responsibility. What's your main class?
7: †Green_Heart†
11/11 13:45:21
My main class is DPS, but I've maxed all the other classes, so please feel free to ask me any questions ♪
8: Snow White
11/11 14:42:37
You've maxed all of your classes... don't you have a job in real life?
9: The_Knight_In_Black
11/11 16:14:55
Fancy seeing †Green_Heart† here
10: †Green_Heart†
11/11 16:15:29
My, long time no see
Are you participating in the beta as well, Kirio?
11: The_Knight_In_Black
11/11 16:16:39
Yes, of course. As the 2nd best ranked player, I couldn't possibly withdraw from the raffle. Until I defeat you with my own hands, I will use all my strength.
12: Nep-Nep
11/11 19:07:41
You two know each other, huh? That's nice, I'd like to make friends in game too.
13: The_Knight_In_Black
11/11 19:10:10
Friends? Ha, don't make me laugh. I only play solo. My friend list? Empty. Mark my words, I'll overcome †Green_Heart† solo... that's the only thing keeping me going.
14: Nep-Nep
11/11 19:43:21
uh, wat. you're kinda freakin me out kid. hey, you know what?
I think you could be friends with this one lonely character I know!
15: The_Knight_In_Black
11/11 19:47:08
What?! There are other players besides me who play solo huh... I'd like to test their skill one day.
16: Nowako
11/11 19:47:10
Who's lonely?!
17: Nep-Nep
11/11 19:59:47
Bwah?!?! Are you a solo player too, Nowako?
18: Nowako
11/11 20:00:37
I posted that on accident.
Please erase >>16.
19: Snow White
11/11 23:42:26
You posted it on accident, huh?
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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