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Hours Slept Bragging Thread
Nickname: †Green_Heart†
Post Date/Time: 1/24 13:56:57

I have currently been up 2 nights in a row, but I can still keep going!

2: Nep-Nep
1/24 14:00:26
What?! Knock that off. It's totally bad for your body! I only managed to sleep 9 hours yesterday, feels rough man
3: Snow White
1/24 19:09:37
I'm sure it depends on the person... but oversleep isn't usually good
6 hours is about best for me
4: Nowako
1/24 23:51:19
If I'm busy, it ends up being 3~4 hours for me. I don't want my judgement to get skewed, but...
5: Sis' Younger Sister
1/27 08:01:25
Yesterday I got into bed early, but I couldn't sleep. I just ended up being awake after thinking about how we'll all be able to play Early Access together soon. And then when I start thinking about how I can't sleep, it just gets me even less sleepy...
6: M82
1/27 15:28:01
I've been having trouble sleeping too.
My dreams haven't been great. Usually a bunch of robots will show up, but I can never remember what happens in the rest of the dreams...
7: ram
1/28 22:15:25
its okay for me to stay up a little longer only on saturdays!!!
8: rom
1/28 22:20:54
on holidays, i wake up early to go catch pocket monstrosities
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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