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What if Gamindustri was overrun by zombies?
Nickname: †Green_Heart†
Post Date/Time: 1/18 04:26:59

Everywhere except Leanbox would be destroyed

2: Nep-Nep
1/18 10:41:27
Both allies and zombies are pretty girls
3: Snow White
1/18 12:11:09
People would probably turn the local school into a base
4: Nowako
1/18 16:05:22
Well, as long as you leave a light on, they won't spawn at night, right?
5: Sis' Younger Sister
1/18 16:30:57
Headshots would be difficult, so I'm not too confident that I'd be able to defeat them...
6: M82
1/18 16:45:01
You don't have to worry about bullets, so don't force yourself to aim at their heads. I don't really recommend a fully automatic weapon, but something with at least a 5-round burst wouldn't affect the your range much AKA the reticles on most weapons won't widen, and if you go a step further and make crouch shots then I think you can land all the bullets without having to control your recoil. It depends on the game, but if it's an AKK series gun, if you aim for the body and fire three shots into them, mooost normal enemies will go down. The recoil's strong, but... if you're a beginner, how about an N4? When it comes to PvP you need a fast reaction speed and accurate AIM, but if it's against zombies you can just have fun, and there's no need to get too worked up!

If you'd like, would you want me to give you a full tutorial?
7: Roast Master
1/18 20:11:11
I think firearms are a little tacky. Gauntlets are great though, don't you think?
8: Name? Not Interested.
1/19 00:00:00
Not interested. In either. And for zombies... they're no problem as long as you have holy water
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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