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The classes were just announced so
Nickname: Nep-Nep
Post Date/Time: 12/23 20:23:25

What's everyone gonna choose?!

2: †Green_Heart†
12/23 21:48:05
Mages, Ninjas, and Thieves seem to be offensive classes,
so most likely either one
Looking at the descriptions, it seems Black Knights are also offensive
3: ★princess★
12/23 12:15:20
Princess has already decided on a support role Priest, nya ♪
Princess well heal everyone with my magic, nya~☆
4: Snow White
12/23 23:11:43
I think I'll be a Priest too. I've never been one before, so I'll try.
5: Nowako
12/24 01:12:25
It seems like healers are surprisingly popular
I'm a tank in the current 4 Goddesses Online, so this time I'd like to try a character that is more offensive. Enchanters are more buff-type characters I take it?
6: †Green_Heart†
12/24 03:41:09
Buffs are a type that did not exist in any versions until now. It does pique my interest, but the other classes are likely more stable...
7: Nep-Nep
12/24 08:24:09
It might actually be a totally broken class!!!!
8: M82
12/24 08:50:11
I've already decided on being a Thief! Gotta have muh guns, after all lol
9: Sis' Younger Sister
12/24 09:06:29
Hmmm, I can't decide...
What kind of role would a Samurai take?
10: †Green_Heart†
12/24 09:25:27
From what I can tell from the description text, it is possible for them to be a tank
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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