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Happy New Year!
Nickname: †Green_Heart†
Post Date/Time: 1/1 00:00:00

Happy New Year!

This year, we can finally play the new version of 4 Goddesses Online! ♪ Admins, I am cheering you on!

Let us post anything and everything about year-end events and how you spent your New Year's!

2: Ran-Ran
1/1 00:03:16
(´・ω・`) Second of the new years
3: †Green_Heart†
1/1 00:05:16
The customary annual concert is being held in Leanbox right now. I am at the venue at this moment, and the atmosphere is quite exciting ♪

I wished to see this until it ended... but I have a previous engagement, so I will be leaving soon.
4: Snow White
1/1 01:01:57
Happy New Year.
I'm checking the net before I go out to my New Year's shrine visit, but I didn't expect there to already be a post...

I was busy with work and events at the end of the year, so I'm thinking about quietly reading during this New Year. I also have my spoils of war. I gathered up the courage to trade books with the book club next door for the first time... it was nerve-wracking.
5: Nowako
1/1 08:25:41
Happy New Year!
I had some work come in at the beginning of the year, but I have to do my best this year too.

Good job to all the people who participated at the year-end event. I wanted to make a new cosplay, but I didn't have enough materials... I'd like to wear the new Black Knight costume at the next event.
6: Nep-Nep
1/1 15:47:26
Happy New Year~~~!!

My family? said I could take it easy for three days, so I'm gonna play all the games as I can!! But it might be nice to go on a trip, it's been a while. I have so much I wanna do, I can't decide. Couldn't winter break be like 300 days long?
1/1 21:06:49
<Happy New Year>
I pray that this year will be full of fortune for everyone.

A friend prepared various dishes for a New Year party, and I saw what they call a "datemaki" for the first time... Even though the appearance is a beautiful spiral form, it is apparently made with fish. Everyone was partaking in it happily, but... next time, I believe I will request shrimp.
8: Sis' Younger Sister
1/2 01:57:35
Since we've gotten a break, my sister and I made plans to stay a night at a nearby resort! But I'd like to get through my backlog of games too... so I think I'll bring along my game consoles. I can wear my swimsuit on the inside, so my luggage size should be okay.
9: Linda
1/2 02:02:12
You're the type to forget your underwear...
10: Sis' Younger Sister
1/2 02:02:21
I won't forget. It's fine. I definitely won't forget.
11: mina
1/2 13:49:01
I had a New Years party at my favorite restaurant with coworkers and colleagues. I've renewed my determination to support those who are working in the background. I may often be on the side of teaching academics and magic, but I would like to also learn more every day.
12: Older_Sister_LOVE
1/2 20:36:52
This year end, I managed to shop for all the gifts my dear older sister wanted! Of course, it's not very polite to stake out the place the night before. I mean, it's absolutely forbidden. But anyway, my older sister also came down to do some shopping of her own... even though she wore a disguise, she is still quite the noticeable celebrity. The area was filled with the murmuring of people who noticed her aura. Something that radiant simply cannot be hidden.
13: M82
1/3 08:29:18
Happy New Year.
This year I just took it easy at home with family, and went New Year's shopping. I was able to get the limited edition, gold-plated 5.1 handgun from the model gun blind bags!

My friends went on a trip, and they sent me pictures, but... well, I'm not jealous or anything like that. At all.

After eating all that New Year's food, I just want curry now.
14: Shurain
1/3 23:12:54
Okay, my turn to say my New Year's resolution. This year, I plan to grow my newly created business, alongside all of my business partners.
15: rom
1/5 14:06:37
during winter break, we went to visit a shrine, and drew on an ema
my fortune was "great luck" (*^ー^*)

every year we do mochi pounding, but whenever we say "flat" our older sister gets angry... why????
16: ram
1/5 14:36:00
i kept drawing fortunes until I was the same as rom!

in december, while we were playing around and making snow huts, I found a rare pocket monstrosity that was wearing a hat!
17: Ran-Ran
1/5 18:22:57
(   ´・ω・`   ) mochi's delicious
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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