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What if there was a sentai series "Game Rangers"
Nickname: Nep-Nep
Post Date/Time:

There'd be no Game Red

2: Nowako
12/18 12:12:07
Game Black would definitely be the strongest
3: †Green_Heart†
12/18 12:15:20
No, no, that would be Game Green
4: Snow White
12/18 15:54:06
White would be the heroine
5: Nep-Nep
12/18 16:11:20
Whaaat, wouldn't the heroine be pink?
Purple for the heroine is a great idea too!
6: Snow White
12/18 18:49:38
Black would probably betray them
7: Uzume
12/18 18:55:43
Well, look, if there's no red one then the closest is Orange.
Orange as the leader is the only sensible option left
8: rom
12/18 19:30:22
do you want to play pretend game rangers?
9: ram
12/18 19:30:50
yeah i wanna play too! count me in count me in!
10: Uzume
12/18 19:32:12
Alright, you guys ready? Follow me!
11: ram
12/18 19:40:45
12: rom
12/18 19:40:45
12: Nep-Nep
1/16 09:13:00
Yeah!!! LET'S GOOOO!!!!

...Well I'm in, but what are we gonna fight against?
14: Uzume
1/16 12:21:31
Well... ya know... that thing. The remnants of an evil organization that spreads illegal downloads or maybe a pirate crew...??
15: Sis' Younger Sister
1/16 13:46:40
Let's have robots that connect together too! I think the type that connects vertically is good, like Planeptune's hardware
16: M82
1/16 15:22:19
Hero-type weapons are always really bulky, so I think chic guns are better
17: Presto_Mask▽▽+
1/16 17:02:31
Urgh, you don't get it. You guys don't get it at all!
Glowing weapons or guns that connect together, that's what's the coolest!!
18: Nowako
1/16 18:23:45
This is the same with fighting girls' stuff, but it's kinda sad that the content always gets updated in a year's time
19: Nep-Nep
1/16 18:55:51
Game Rangers are forever!
20: Sis' Younger Sister
1/16 19:12:25
Magical girls are forever too!
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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