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wishes to santa!
Nickname: rom
Post Date/Time: 12/14 17:15:59

I want some new colored pencils (*^ー^*) yeah!!!

2: ram
12/14 17:45:15
I want a tooooooon of snacks! I can eat them with blanc and rom!
3: M82
12/14 18:52:00
I guess it's alright to make a wish.
I wanted to customize a gun for a survival game, so I'd like an ACOG 4x Type dot sight and foregrip, as well as a laser sight. I'd like to change the grip and trigger too. Either a silencer or a muzzle brake maybe. Having a spare magazine and a spare battery would be just about enough. My leg holster broke, so I'd like one of those too.
4: Sis' Younger Sister
12/14 20:27:37
I'd like more Planeptune Goddess themed goods
5: Nowako
12/14 23:31:50
I wish my country's share amount would explode
6: Snow White
12/15 03:11:08
I wish that I can send out my manuscript on time
7: Nep-Nep
12/15 10:27:39
This isn't Tanabata, you know
But I've put a tanzaku on a Christmas tree before
8: Iris
12/21 19:35:07
I'll write this for the small friend that lives with me~
She likes shiny things, so please and thank you Santa~
9: rom
12/21 20:08:42
do you mean jewels? like diamonds, or something...?
10: †Green_Heart†
12/21 20:09:19
What about something like Alexandrite...?
It is a very rare and beautiful gem.
11: Iris
12/21 20:43:51
Buuut, it's expensive, isn't it~?
12: ram
12/21 20:55:34
dont worry!
if youre a good kid, santa will bring you anything
13: Iris
12/21 21:07:09
Wowie, really~?
Then I'll have to sew a really big stocking~
14: Nep-Nep
12/21 21:34:50
I don't know how much one of them is
But I'd like to see enough spirit to put like 50,000 right next to your pillow
15: †Green_Heart†
12/21 21:35:27
M-My condolences to Santa...
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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