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Mushroom Village vs. Bamboo Forest
Nickname: Nep-Nep
Post Date/Time: 12/5 16:05:21


2: rom
12/5 16:24:46
I like the mushroom one
3: M82
12/5 19:57:31
Bamboo all day.
I don't really like when you get to the cookie part of the mushroom. Tastes funny. Bamboo gives you straight chocolate right to the finish.
4: Linda
12/6 00:12:22
Hey, change the thread name to "Bamboo Forest vs. Mushroom Village"
Bamboo should come first obviously
5: Mouse
12/6 01:11:27
There's lots of close-minded bamboo people, huh? I'm all about the shrooms, but I don't care either way, chu
6: Compa
12/6 09:30:49
I like the bamboo one!
7: Mouse
12/6 09:35:00
!!!!!!!!! actually i mistyped that
my stupid friend was writing it for me, ugh what a dummy. bamboo is clearly the best one, chu. no contest!!
8: Iris
12/6 12:09:07
Huh? You'll betray them so quickly, will you? Hm~
9: Nowako
12/6 14:19:58
You trying to mess with one of our own? What a rude mushroom lover. You're gonna have to deal with me if you keep it up.
10: Mouse
12/6 15:09:42
I don't really think of >>9 as an ally chu
11: Nep-Nep
12/6 20:15:30
Stop! Nowako's Life Points are already at zero!
12: †Green_Heart†
12/7 01:59:57
Dear me, it seems the bamboo types are splintering
There is no need for me to step in then
13: Snow White
12/7 11:18:41
The mushroom one has more calories so you'll gain weight
14: †Green_Heart†
12/7 11:19:00
It will all be added to my chest, so it is no problem
15: Snow White
12/7 11:55:06
What the hell are you implying.
16: A Gust of Wind
12/7 18:08:14
Ugh. Either one is fine. Stop shitposting.
17: ram
12/7 20:58:41
I like those chocolate biscuits that have the boats drawn on them!
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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