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Friend Recruitment Thread
Nickname: Nowako
Post Date/Time: 11/10 23:59:57

There wasn't one, so I decided to make one!
Let's become friends and have a fun life on 4 Goddesses Online! My ID is nowarin! Add me!

2: Nowako
11/20 17:47:21
Bump pls add
3: Nowako
12/12 20:23:12
4: Tokimeki Noirist
1/19 01:15:33
I would like to apply, it's a pleasure to meet you. Your name is very similar to someone I really like, so I feel quite close to you already... Once service begins, let's play together forever and ever.
5: Nowako
1/19 01:16:25
Thank you!!!!!! It's nice to meet you~
I have other people that I'm going to be playing with, but if you'd like, would you like to join our party?
Nickname: †Green_Heart†



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