The World of 4 Goddesses Online

Long ago...

When the world was nothing but a void,
the Goddesses created Leanverde, the World Tree.
The mighty Earth and the majestic oceans were
born of Leanverde's sprout... and finally,
the Goddesses bestowed a name
upon this world.

They called it, "Alsgard."

Tiny life was born in the bountiful nature of Alsgard,
and eventually the people were able to realize prosperity.

The Goddesses decided to entrust the land to
their people, and quietly watched over them
from the Divine Realm. The people of the land
lived peacefully, while offering their thanks
in the forms of prayers for the Goddess' divine
protection. They also prayed for the blessing
of the World Tree that towered over them in
its magnificence...

However, an evil being soon appeared,
setting his sights on Alsgard.
The king of madness who ruled over
the Demon World― the Demon King Jester.
With a horde of monsters under his command,
he invaded this world.

Forests burned, rivers rotted, and the sky was
turned red. The land was transformed into a
battlefield, and a great many lives were lost
throughout Alsgard.

The Goddesses also took it upon themselves
to fight, but the power of the Demon King's
captains was indeed terrible. It was a difficult
battle. The people stood on the edge of despair,
but not a single one gave up. They continued to fight.

Those feelings of determination must have reached
the Heavens. The four Goddesses heard their cries,
and successfully sealed away Demon King Jester
using powers beyond their limits.
Alsgard was saved.

And so, one thousand years passed...

The people of Alsgard lived in peace.
However, in the shadows, the Wicked Believers
began steadily advancing their plan, a nefarious
ceremony that would revive Demon King Jester...

By the time the people of the land had noticed the sudden increase in monster activity, the Demon King's seal had already begun to lift.

As the Goddesses had fallen into a deep slumber after the previous battle, the people were sure that this would truly be the end of Alsgard. It was then that the light of hope shone upon Alsgard...

The Chosen Ones.
The adventurers who have received the blessings of the Goddesses, and hold the power to open the way to the Divine Realm to bring the Goddesses back to Alsgard.

We, the Guardian Spirits, also known as the Royal Geists, who have served the Goddesses for generations, will show the Chosen Ones the way along their journey that carries the very fate of Alsgard...