Gamicademi– a learning facility located in a quiet town within Gamindustri.

This historical academy is renown for educating CPUs
in the ways of human life and culture.
Despite its accolades, the school faced the threat of closure due to
the world's population crisis.

Against all odds, Blanc and a few brave students
would stand and fight to save the academy.

Their mission: to make a blockbuster movie!
They hoped it would bring recognition to the academy,
along with new student applications.

And so, the students decided to make a zombie flick.
It was an innocent choice.

In a twist of fate, real zombies began appearing all over the academy—

However, this wouldn't faze these brave girls
They turned the situation into an opportunity to create
the best zombie movie anyone's ever seen.

These fearless students would battle real zombies,
and begin shooting their greatest film ever.