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Tactical Action Battle System

Engage in a variety of tactics with open customization!

Seamlessly enter the heat of battle!

Within the game, if you run into an enemy while exploring, you'll automatically enter battle mode. The player will control Quinn, and utilize previously-set "Actions" to engage with enemies. Use two different "Actions", depending on which weapon is equipped by Quinn. Experiment with your own combat style.

Strategize battle formations by commanding your allies!

Fight with a party of up to 3 members in-game, who can perform actions automatically with pre-assigned commands given prior to battle. Select your orders, and learn each of your allies' skills to determine the right tactics and catch your enemies off-guard. Assign orders to your allies in the menu screen, as well as actions and formations.

Develop your very own battle style, and fight freely!

Construct your own battle-style by mastering the various combat elements, such as keeping your formation while firing projectile-based magic, or attack with a relentless offense!

The Lunagear

Gain control of the four elements in order to best your enemies.

The Lunagear is a special device assembled with ancient technology. Only Quinn is capable of using it, and by incorporating "Orbs", its wearer can control the elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. The Lunagear corresponds with whichever Orb is equipped. With the Fire Orb, you can summon fire to damage enemies; with the Earth Orb, a slab of rock to form a barrier against damage. Access the orbs to harness different elemental powers. By equipping different orbs into the Lunagear, you can combine any of the four elements to deal even stronger attacks.

Choose from a range of battle styles!

The battle system is simple to learn, yet difficult to master! Utilize a variety of tactics, combining Actions, weapons, cooperation with allies, and elemental attacks with the Lunagear. The player determines their own combat style. Customize battle how you see fit to conquer the machine-riddled desert.