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While searching for clues to restore her memory, the heroine and Orion are suddenly pulled into a "firefly hunt" with the staff of Meido no Hitsuji, along with Ukyo and Rika...

This is a story set in a parallel world where the heroine has no set love interest.


Having restored her memories, the heroine is now in a relationship with "him." Though they may have their differences, they work their way towards a happy future.

A love story set after the endings of Amnesia: Memories that proposes a special ending.


A story about the manager of Meido no Hitsuji, Waka, taking place three months before the heroine loses her memories.

You can enjoy four different worlds with four different Waka personalities.


Enjoy content full of girl talk between Sawa, Mine, and Rika.


A story that becomes playable through certain special conditions. Follow the heroine as she regains forgotten memories of Orion.
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